Centrifuge Modeling for Projectile Penetration Studies

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Courtesy of ASTM International

This paper describes the rationale for using centrifuge modeling for projectile penetration studies in granular soils and presents details of a projectile delivery system that has been used to conduct centrifuge penetration tests. Included in the rationale is a dimensional analysis that indicates that self-weight induced stresses in the prototype soil mass should be duplicated in the model. Details of the design and construction of a projectile delivery system using a modified pistol with interchangeable barrels are presented. Comparisons between 1 g and centrifuge tests and the results of modeling-of-models centrifuge tests are also presented. These tests confirm the hypothesis that centrifuge modeling is a valid experimental technique for this phenomenon. It is also shown that 1 g and centrifuge data both fit on a single power curve relating prototype penetration to prototype mass to area ratio of the projectile.

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