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Ceramic ball mill keep the light of painting industry

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With the development of the building and ceramics industry, coating and painting market witness a thriving scene. Kaolin as the main raw material of coating, the demand is increasing.Future needs China coating kaolin is expected to have bigger growth, its development in the future will be optimistic forward.Bailing Machinery production of ceramic ball mill by the company independent research and development to create, is a processing and broken kaolin of choice.


In recent years, the paint industry as a whole to keep growth trend, the paint industry 'twelfth five-year' plan ', points out that benefit from two aspects of industrial and civil demand, coating production is expected to sustain average growth of 10%, to 2015 coating production is expected to reach 12 million tons.The paint industry's optimistic outlook will drive the kaolin demand increase.Pure quality kaolin with high white degree, soft, easy to disperse suspended in the water, good plasticity and high caking property, excellent electrical insulating performance;With good resistance to acid soluble and low cation exchange capacity, good fire resistance and other physical and chemical properties.Therefore kaolin has become papermaking, ceramics, rubber, chemical industry, paint, medicine and defense of mineral raw materials necessary to dozens of industries.

Initially, kaolin consumption as a cheap filler in papermaking industry, is still in use.In recent years, manufacturers are making kaolin to develop in the direction of suitable for coating industry.Kaolin in the main role in the paint is fillings and pigment substitutes.Add a certain amount of filling material in the coating can improve the filling of paint coating, polishing and mechanical strength.Bailing Machinery independent research and development of ceramic ball mill can be effectively processed kaolin, used for mixing, grinding, kaolin product fineness uniformity, save power.Ceramic ball mill compared with similar products and energy saving province electricity, novel structure, convenient operation, the use of safe, stable and reliable performance, etc.


Painting industry is closely related to people's life, especially the architectural coatings, with the strength of the affordable housing in recent years, water conservancy facilities construction, coating industry is bound to keep exuberant vitality. Bailing Machinery ceramic ball mill, batch mill energy conservation and environmental protection, is an ideal equipment, processing and coating kaolin will further promote the development of due process.

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