Certification anytime, anywhere - Web-based TDG training


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One employee, home-based employees, and employees from multiple or remote locations can now train in shipping dangerous goods without leaving their work station. Maximize productivity by taking the training anytime, anywhere to stay up-to-date with the latest regulations.

ICC The Compliance Center has updated the Transportation Dangerous Goods (TDG) web-based training program to Transport Canada's recent Amendment 6. The training follows the ICC's '7 Steps to Compliance' philosophy, which was designed to simplify and outline the regulations for shipping dangerous goods in an easy-to-understand format. The modules include: classification and identification, packaging, marking and labeling, documentation, placarding, loading and reporting. The web-based training course also has an introductory chapter and a chapter on special cases, explaining exemptions and exceptions to the regulations.

Larger groups of employees can register an administrator who can monitor and track each employee who takes the training. The administrator can register new employees as they are hired, and ensure that training has taken place.

Enhancements to the web-based training include updated narration, better audio quality, new graphics, downloadable charts, updated glossary and enhanced animation, making training via computer an interesting, interactive method of certification.

Transport Canada requires that all employees offering, handling or shipping dangerous goods be certified at least every three years. New employees should be trained as soon as possible, but are permitted to work under the direct supervision of someone who is trained.

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