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CETCO gas vapor barrier chosen by top home builder for site with former oil wells case study


Project: Palisades at Vista del Verde
Location: Yorba Linda, CA
Products: Liquid Boot 500 Gas Vapor Mitigation System, GeoVent Gas Venting System

Background: The Palisades at Vista del Verde is a multi-family housing development that is situated on a site that once was home to numerous oil wells. The oil wells have since been removed and capped, however detectable levels of methane gas are present in the soil.

Challenge: A gas vapor barrier was needed to on site to protect the structures from methane gas by providing a seamless barrier around critical vapor intrusion pathways and eliminate potential risk.

Solution: CETCO, the engineer and the approved Liquid Boot installer, worked directly with thegeneral contractor to ensure that correct design and installation would allow the project to come in under budget and within the construction schedule. CETCO solutions were chosen based on reputation, design assistance and capability of accommodating a tough construction schedule. CETCO was instrumental in helping the engineer complete the proper ventilation and membrane design. The gas vapor mitigation consisted of installation of GeoVent™ sub-slab ventilation and 117.000 square feet of the Liquid Boot gas vapor mitigation system.

Result: Installation of the Liquid Boot 500 gas vapor mitigation system was extremely successful and was able to be installed much quicker than any of the competing products due to it's benefit of a spray-application and rapid curing time. CETCO products installed by CETCO trained and certified installers provided the buildings with proven protection against vapor intrusion while also saving the customertime and money.

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