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CETCO vapor mitigation system chosen as voc protection barrier for school campus case study


Project: Mott Haven School
Location: Bronx, NY
Products: Liquid Boot® Gas Vapor Mitigation System

Background: The Mott Haven School Campus was to be built on a former manufacturing site with residual contaminants in the soil.

Challenge: The site for the school development underwent a series of environmental remediation procedures and concern over vapor migration of VOCs and BTEXs in the soil needed to be addressed.

Solution: Among other remedial activities, a comprehensive spray applied gas vapor barrier with sub-slab depressurization system (SSDS) was designed and recently installed on the site to protect the school and its occupants from vapor intrusion. The LIQUID BOOT® gas vapor barrier was successfully installed in approximately 16 weeks. The barrier met and exceeded strict chemical resistance and diffusion testing requirements, and was designed to conform to stringent quality control testing procedures, includingsmoke testing: ensuringa vaportight seal beneath the building. CETCO solutions were chosen based on our company reputation, design assistance and becuase we were capable of accommodating a tough construction schedule. CETCO was instrumental in helping the engineer complete the proper membrane design.

Result: The use of a gas vapor barrier ensured the school was protected from any potential sub slab vapor intrusion issues. Additionally, the system was fundamental to the remediation design and integral in ensuring the site met the environmental health and safety requirements.

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