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CFD modelling of electrohydrodynamic gas flow in an electrostatic precipitator

Modelling of the flow velocity fields for electrohydrodynamic flow in a wire-to-plate type electrostatic precipitator was achieved. From calculations for the flow employing different flow models, the Chen-Kim k − ε turbulent model appeared to be the most appropriate choice to obtain a quantitative image of the resulting mean flow field and downstream wake flow of the rear wire, although this was obtained from a qualitative analysis owing to the lack of experimental verification. The flow velocity field pattern showed a strong electrohydrodynamic secondary flow, which was clearly visible in the downstream regions of the corona wire despite the low Reynolds number for the electrode (ReCW = 12.4). Secondary flow vortices were also caused by the electrohydrodynamic with increases in the discharge current. Pressure drop increased gradually according to the increase of the electrohydrodynamic number.

Keywords: EHD, ESP, Chen-Kim model, turbulent modelling, Von-Karman vortex, electrohydrodynamic gas flow, electrostatic precipitators, computational fluid dynamics, CFD, flow velocity

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