CH#831 - Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant


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The Wastewater Treatment Plant is a rotating biological contactor treatment process preceded by bar screening, grit removal and primary settling. Subsequent to the secondary treatment process, the flow stream enters a chlorine contact tank and then goes to the receiving stream. The program study was started on March 4th. The objectives were a recovery from filamentous infestation, an improvement in B.O.D.5/T.S.S. removal, improved biomass stability and enhanced secondary solids separation. For the removal of B.O.D. and T.S.S. through the biological process, the plant was monitored as an indication of performance. The main concern in this study was to aid in staying in compliance with its N.P.D.E.S. permit. The biomass stability was monitored through the deviation in analytical determinations of B.O.D.5 and T.S.S. A low standard deviation (tight range) in data may indicate a much more responsive biomass. Ideally, the recovery from stress condition (loading variation, toxicity, temperature change, etc.) would better reflect biomass stability (the ability of the microorganism society to respond to adverse conditions before the effluent quality suffers).

Biomass Stability

All data from the program period compared on the graphs have lower deviations and slopes than comparable data of non-program periods indicating improved biomass stability.

Based on the data presented, the use of Bioaugmentation has had a positive effect in all areas monitored.


B.O.D.5 and T.S.S. of the plant effluent during the program period were compared to data generated two months prior to the program. The graphs show the data.


During Bioaugmentation the treatment plant effluent B.O.D.5 improved 20%.
During Bioaugmentation the treatment plant effluent T.S.S. improved 32%.
Improved Biomass stability against variable loading.
An improved overall reduction of B.O.D. and T.S.S.
An enhancement in secondary clarification/solids separation.
A more stabilized biomass system against variable loading quantitatively and qualitatively.
A recovery from and a resistance to infestation of filamentous organisms.

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