CH#955 - Fuel Remediation, Difficult Location


Courtesy of Bio-Systems International

A Petroleum Jobber

Site and geological surveys had revealed a contaminated area down a gradient from the existing fuel tanks. If was further determined that the contamination was not from the existing tanks through precision testing. The borings described the contamination as resting between the 14 and 20 foot level below the parking lot. The entire property consisted of fill. Ground water was 12 to 14 feet from the surface.

Insitu bioremediation was suggested. The overburden would not have to be removed and the contamination could be treated without excavation. This is all possible because of the ability of the BIO-SYSTEMS bacteria being able to work in low level oxygen conditions. Borings were made to the 14 foot level on 10 foot centers, forming a grid of holes. Through the holes, bacteria, nutrients and water were introduced. Amounts of bacteria were calculated to match the level of contamination. A program of monitoring of the vapors in the holes was started just prior to the introduction of the bacteria. Weekly readings were sent to an independent laboratory for analysis. Six weeks from the placing of the bacteria, nondectable readings on BETX were obtained.

This site has received a No Further Action status by the state authority. The property has no tie to a disposal site, with its future liabilities.

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