CH#970- Rotating Biological Contactors


Courtesy of Bio-Systems International

Waste Type: Municipal
Flow: 0.99 MGD

Problem: Increases in BOD loadings had created a burden for this municipal plant and the operator in charge. Grease build-up had accumulated in the lift stations and a white filamentous film had developed on the RBC's. The plant settled poorly and there was a great deal of foaming on the aerobic digestors. A $110,000 project was planned to expand the sludge drying beds and sludge storage area.

Solution: Bio-Systems B220 was used in the lift stations to digest grease build-up and B500Blue was used to integrate select microorganisms and micronutrients into the systems.

Long Term Results: The grease build-up that had accumulated in the lift stations had diminished leaving the lift stations easier to maintain and service.

The white filamentous growth on the surface of the RBC's had diminished and the plant began to settle better. Foaming decreased on the surface of the digestors and overall sludge production was decreasing.

In 1996, after one year of using Bio-Systems products, sludge production was decreased 30%.

The $110,000 program for expansion of the sludge drying beds was also canceled.

Note: B500 is the current product used for Fixed Film. Compare products using the link located at the right.

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