CH2M HILL’s John Gaston to receive one of the Water Industry’s highest honors


Courtesy of CH2M Hill Companies, Ltd.

John Gaston, a 25-year employee of global full-service engineering, construction and operations firm CH2M HILL, has been selected by the American Water Works Association (AWWA) to receive the Abel Wolman Award of Excellence. This is the Association’s premier award, recognizing those whose careers in the water profession exemplify vision, creativity, and excellent professional performance characteristic of Abel Wolman. Dr. Abel Wolman’s contributions to the water industry defined the development of the engineering profession, most notably in the public health aspects of engineering.   

According to the AWWA Board of Directors, Mr. Gaston was chosen for the Abel Wolman award because of his “career defined by excellent professional performance, dedication to public health, and the creation of partnerships between utilities, regulators and the people they serve.”  The Board also recognized his unique ability to bring people together for improved water quality and public health. They also expressed their appreciation of Mr. Gaston’s skill and creativity as a teacher and mentor of small water systems and young professionals.

Mr. Gaston is a Vice President and Senior Consultant for water quality and treatment in CH2M HILL’s Oakland, Calif. office. He has nearly 40 years of sanitary engineering experience in public health issues involving water supply, water quality, water resources, and wastewater reclamation and reuse. He has a comprehensive background in developing and implementing laws and regulations related to drinking water and reclaimed wastewater, including the California Safe Drinking Water Act and reauthorization of EPA's Federal Safe Drinking Water Act. He is an expert in developing and implementing drinking water regulations.
Mr. Gaston will receive the 2008 Abel Wolman Award of Excellence at AWWA’s Atlanta Annual Conference on June 9, 2008. CH2M HILL retiree Ken Miller received the Abel Wolman Award of Excellence in 1989. AWWA is the largest organization of water professionals in the world.

“We know our employees are the best and the brightest in their fields, and I offer my sincere congratulations and thanks John,” says Water Business Group President Bob Bailey. “We appreciate his significant contributions to our firm and the profession. I’m personally very proud of John and his outstanding achievements and representation of CH2M HILL.”

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