Chairman of the Environment Agency officially opens RDC’s recycling services centre

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The Chairman of the Environment Agency Lord Chris Smith, yesterday visited RDC, Computacenter’s IT Recovery and Recycling arm based in Witham, Essex, to officially open their innovative Recycling Services Centre. RDC leads the European market in the field of IT Asset Recovery and The Environment Agency is one of RDC’s long standing customers; since 1999 RDC has recovered 100% of the Environment Agency’s redundant IT assets.

“RDC is delighted to welcome Lord Smith here today to officially open our Recycling Services Centre.” said Gerry Hackett, RDC’s Managing Director

RDC started in 1991 with 3 employees and has grown profitably to 2008, with a turnover of £25million and more than 200 people working from 180,000 square feet facilities in Witham, Essex. In 1997 RDC decided all IT waste would be processed by licensed recyclers – nothing went direct to landfill. In 2002, in anticipation of the WEEE Directive, RDC sourced European recyclers that could take all IT waste & recover materials by recycling or waste-to-energy recovery.

In 2007, RDC reviewed this process and decided to recover computer components for reuse in house, aiming to lower costs and enabling reuse - a preferred route to recycling. Refurbishment of RDC’s Recycling Services site commenced in 2008 and the new Recycling Services Centre started operating in October 2008. Since developing the Recycling Services Centre RDC has reclaimed 242 tonnes of parts & components from the waste stream for reuse including keyboards, mice, RAM, mother boards, power supply units, processor chips, cords, leads, connectors. RDC can also sort waste into over 20 separate waste streams, enabling the recycling of material that would be contaminated and thus not suitable for recycling.
Total throughput of RDC in 2008 was over 10,000 tonnes (over 1 million items of IT equipment plus packaging received) and less than 1% of all material handled by RDC was disposed of to landfill. In 2008, RDC processed 2,545 tonnes WEEE – one sixth UK B2B WEEE**

Gerry said about the centre “This facility enables RDC to extend our IT reuse and recycling capabilities. We can now recover thousands of components from redundant IT equipment for reuse, reducing the necessity for recycling” Chris Smith said of the company “RDC has been successful both financially and environmentally and it comes as no surprise to me that earlier this year they were granted a Queen’s Award for Sustainable Development”

Guests including BT, EDF Energy and Microsoft – all customers of RDC - also attended the opening that was held in the new centre and they were then taken on a tour of RDC’s processing and recycling facilities later in the afternoon. RDC proves Green Business is Good Business.

**The Environment Agency reported 15,900 tonnes B2B WEEE; quoted in ENDS May 2009

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