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Challenge #1 - Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology


Courtesy of Applied Water Solutions, Inc.

A leading and growing biotechnology company in New England purchased an integrated pretreatment RO/EDI system for a cGMP-validated application. Since the system integrates some of the latest technologies of membranes, UV and EDI they required someone with the expertise and experience to commission the system, train personnel and be available for consultation.


Applied Water Solutions, Inc. met with the owner, contractor and supplier of equipment to define the scope of the project, and set a schedule. Applied Water Solutions, Inc. subsequently started the system and within hours the system was exceeding all water quality requirements.

Applied Water Solutions, Inc. also conducted a power point training presentation, followed by a hands on demonstration of the equipment to the validation group, users of the equipment, and owners.

Though the equipment is intended for USP purified water production, it in fact exceeded WFI water quality specifications.

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