Challenge #3 - Power Industry, Condensate Polishing


Courtesy of Applied Water Solutions, Inc.

A University installing new turbines for their expanded power plant was adding a new Cogeneration Facility, and needed to replace their existing water treatment system. The project required demolition of the existing system, temporary water service for their existing boiler feed equipment, and full treatment of water to produce 240,000-lb/hr steam. The system design had to be flexible enough to polish all the return condensate at 240,000 lb/hr, and provide 100% make-up.


Applied Water Solutions, Inc. brought together complementary companies that provided the expertise and equipment the client was looking for. A Plant Evaluation was conducted (PEP) to better define the scope of the project. Using a design build approach, the system was customized for the clients? needs and space limitations. The system includes an on site regenerable demineralizer system, heat exchangers and neutralization system along with ancillary equipment.

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