Challenge: reduce costs and eliminate odour. Can it be done?


Arlat ‘SDP’ Spiral De-watering Press is up for the job.

Trucking costs can be decreased and odour eliminated by using an ARLAT ‘SDP’ Spiral De-watering Press in your treatment plant.

Arlat’s Spiral De-watering Press operates by obtaining screenings from a screen’s or screw conveyor’s discharge chute that is located directly above the inlet chute on the press. The Arlat press then takes the screenings and transforms them into dry and compact cylindrical pieces.

Odour is destroyed because moisture that causes the odour is pressed out of the screenings and discharged back into the channel for further processing. Trucking costs are reduced simply by reducing the overall volume of the material.

Another useful option on the press is a bagger. This device is placed at the exit of the discharge chute and catches all the compacted screenings. The bagger also seals in any odour and provides an alternative way to simply remove the screenings in a plastic bag instead of using a large heavy dumpster.

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