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Characteristics of Copper Wire Granulator


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Copper wire granulator is an advanced technology to deal with the waste copper wire and other various household wires, which have begun applied in 1980s by America and other industrialized countries. The dealing result is impressed by the advanced copper wire granulator. We can get pure copper granules and plastic from the waste copper wires after a series of process. Its advantages and unique characteristics make it popular and hot selling in the world.

Firstly, this copper wire granulator adopts triple dust removal device including three stages: cyclone removing, cloth-bag filtering and air purifying, which can effectively solve the problem of dust pollution.

Secondly, the technological process of this equipment is that dry crushing and pulverizing the raw material, such as, waste cable and wire, motorcycle electric wire, computer wire and other various miscellaneous cables into the mixture of metal and non-mental, then the metal is separated from plastic by the high pressure electrostatic separator.

Thirdly, the crushing is completed under the structure of the multi-machine combination by once feeding and multi-machine completing equipped with automatic transmission, sound insulation and cooling system in order to separate the copper from plastic.

What’s more, it can separate the copper from plastic totally and completely and the separated copper is bright and smooth with purity up to 99%. This equipment is also featured with low noise, large output, strong innovation, perfect performance and satisfying economic benefit.

Nowadays, copper wire granulator is widely used and it’s indispensible in the copper recycling, so it’s no doubt that it will occupy a large market. For this reason, the competition of copper wire granulator manufacturing is becoming fiercer. For the manufacturers, only by developing new technology and making innovation can they be win the market and the customers.

Zhengzhou Amisy is famous for manufacturing advanced and unique copper recycling equipment like copper wire granulator and wire stripping machine, which can meet all of your needs and help you realize your business dream.

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