Checklist of Mediterranean free-living dinoflagellates

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An annotated checklist of free-living dinoflagellates (Dinophyceae) of the Black Sea, based on literature records, is reported and compared to the Mediterranean Sea and world oceans. Toxic species and/or responsible of harmful algal blooms (HAB) are marked in the checklist. From the 267 species (54 genera) listed nearly all taxa can be considered as cosmopolitan and no species as endemic. Several typically Arctic-boreal species (non recorded from the Mediterranean Sea) are reported from the Black Sea. The taxonomy and the biogeography of the taxa are discussed.

The oligotrophic conditions in the Mediterranean Sea could favour the richness of dinoflagellates, typical organisms of oligotrophic waters. Intensive studies have been made by Jörgensen (1920, 1923), Schiller (1931–37) (Adriatic Sea), Pavillard (1905–1937) (Gulf of Lions and Monaco), Halim (1960) (Villefranche and Alexandria), Rampi (1939–1969) (Ligurian Sea) and Margalef (1945–

1995) (Spanish coasts). However a catalogue of the dinoflagellate species recorded is not available. The aims of this study are to provide a checklist of the species from each sub-basin and to evaluate the species richness of dinoflagellates in the Mediterranean Sea based on a compilation of published data.

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