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Chelsea Football & Village Complex - Case Study


Courtesy of Hydropath Technology Ltd.

Changes for Chelsea Score High on Efficiency!

The Chelsea Football & Village complex at Stamford Bridge has benefitted from advanced Hydropath limescale conditioning technology in successfully preventing the build up of limescale.

Three commercial water conditioning Hydroflow models were installed in the secondary hot water heating plant of Chelsea’s FC East Stand changing rooms; to improve maintenance and energy efficiency and to extend the operational lifespan of the plant and all ancillary equipment ie: pumps, valves, etc.

As a result of Hydroflows technology; the secondary HW system now needs no chemical de-scaling schedules “an important Health and Safety factor and there would be a significant reduction in down time and costs for Contractors carrying out maintenance and insurance inspections.

Following swiftly on from that environmental triumph for Hydropath; Chelsea Village Management requested surveys for two hotels within the Millennium Copthorne Hotels group. With installation again overseen and supplied by Eco-Systems, a Distributor of Hydropath. both the Copthorne hotel and Millennium hotel each had specified and installed two Hydroflow Commercial models.

Both hotels have since experienced vastly improved transfer and flow rates. These are important factors for both the stadium and the hotels where maximum heat and flow are essential at peak pressure times. Improved water pressure on the flow pump will also increase operational life on all the equipment where limescale build up would have definitely caused premature failure.

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