ChemADVISOR - July 2009

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In the past 12 months ChemADVISOR has had several requests for speaking engagements. The topics tend to be the ones you would expect— mainly REACH and GHS related—but the locations are becoming more diverse. Edgar Rodriguez
Sierra has presented in Colombia and Brazil, Wolfgang Urhahn recently returned from a conference in Finland and he will be speaking at a conference in Hungary soon. Our webinars on REACH are now being offered in Spanish and Chinese for the first time to accommodate growing interest in Latin America, Taiwan and China and inquires for REACH and GHS assistance come in from all over the globe.

This certainly is not a unique phenomenon for our company. We live in a global economy and regulations initiated in Washington or Brussels impact not just their own jurisdictions, but exporters all around the world. You need your
products registered and your hazard communication documentation to be filled out correctly if you want to do business in certain markets and that is creating a lot of activity for internal and external regulatory experts. The degree to which the world harmonizes on chemical regulations is still to be determined, but REACH, GHS and other large regulatory initiatives appear to have, at the very least, created a universal level of concern about regulatory compliance for international manufacturers.

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