Chemical Body Burdens: A Look at Biomonitoring (PDF)

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Researchers, public health officials, regulators, and others have long been in search of a reliable diagnostic tool to identify and measure the presence of chemical substances, and their breakdown products, in human bodily fluids. The utility of such a tool is almost limitless, and has staggering implications for all participants in the chemical producer and user community.That tool, biomonitoring, is now available. Through biomonitoring, measurements of chemicals in human blood, urine, and serum can be taken quickly and reliably.
What the measured data mean, how biomonitoring data should be used, and how these data can be abused are open questions—and they are the subject of this “Washington Watch” column.
The column begins with discussion of a ground-breaking new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that has heightened public awareness of biomonitoring. The column then highlights some other key biomonitoring activities, and discusses some concerns about the use (and potential misuse) of biomonitoring data.

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