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Chemical company, USA - Case Study


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“With the Syncore Analyst we could multiply our sample throughput by 6 and at the same time reduce the process time. Thanks to the chilled appendix we are able to concentrate our samples unattended and guaranty a high recovery of analytes.”Company / Institution

Chemical company, USA

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Customer: Chemical company, USA

This company is a global provider of high-quality carbon black additives for rubber, plastic, and liquid products, which add strength, durability, and enhanced performance to products consumers use every day, such as automobile tires and toner in printers. It is currently the lead on an international carbon black task force working on standardizing the methods for carbon black analysis globally.

Application: Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in carbon black

Carbon black is used extensively in just about any product you see on the market place that is black, for example: tires, black paint, black plastic. Products that contain carbon black and come in contact with food, drugs, etc., are governed by the FDA. As such, the carbon black used for these products must be tested for the presence of PAH’s. A Soxhlet method is used for extraction, followed by evaporation and concentration, and analysis using GC-MS.

Equipment: Syncore® Analyst

BUCHI Syncore Analyst R-6 Stand Alone system with Flush Back Module, Vacuum Pump V-700 with Vacuum Controller V-850.

Benefit / Conclusion: Faster sample preparation

This company used to try to do the concentration step to a residual volume using a single Rotavapor R-200. Using the Syncore Analyst, they can evaporate and concentrate 6 samples in about 45 minutes compared to 1 sample in 60 to 70 minutes. Moreover, with the Rotavapor there was no control to prevent evaporating to dryness and the loss of analytes, which would ruin the analysis. The Flush Back Module and “Cold” appendix on the Syncore Analyst prevent the loss of trace level PAH’s during the evaporation process.

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