Chemical free, ultrasonic algae control

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Courtesy of LG Sonic

Among the numerous applications of ultrasound, the approach is used in the field of water treatment. In this scenario, forces other than cavitation forces are being used to achieve a certain goal. An example of such ultrasound systems which can be found on the market are the LG Sonic systems,which are manufactured to suppress algal growth and biofilm formation.

The ultrasounds produced by using the LG Sonic technology does not induce any stable (non-inertial) nor unstable cavitations.They do not even come close to reaching cavitation levels.Other mechanical forces induced by the produced mechanical pressure waves are used to suppress algal growth and reduce biofilm growth, e.g. resonance forces, longitudinal and transverse sound wave forces. To reach this goal, the LG Sonic systems for example use a ‘blend’of very specific ultrasound frequencies of certain power which are emitted into the water by specific transducers.

This will enhance the specificity and selectivity of the ultrasonic treatment. The algae are treated with ultrasonic sound waves set in precise frequencies that directly target the cellular structure of the algae.The amount of algae in the water is reduced and controlled in an efficient, cost-effective manner, and further growth is inhibited.Green layers disappear, biofilm formation is prevented, and the appearance and clarity of the water is visibly improved.The continuous use of such a device prevents the water from becoming polluted again.

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