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Chemical kinetics of oxidative desulphurisation of Indian coals


The high sulphur coals of North Eastern region (NER) of India have 70%–80% of organic sulphur affixed to the coal structure due to the influence of marine sources during its formation. The per-acid (H
/HCOOH) medium is used here to see its effect in removing the organic sulphur from this coal. The rate of the oxidation was studied for 60, 120, 180 and 240 minutes at room temperature. The oxidised coals are also extracted with dimethyl formamide and treated with alkali. Total sulphur removal has been found to be 38.09 wt% during oxidation while, alkali treatments after the oxidation showed 46.5 wt% desulphurisation. The kinetic studies on this removal of organic sulphur from coal showed that the reaction is of second order and found to be faster in nature. The FTIR and physico-chemical properties of oxidised, alkali treated coals are also reported.

Keywords: Indian coal, oxidative desulphurisation, kinetics, high sulphur coal, India

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