Chemical Process Corp - Case Study


Courtesy of VisionMonitor Software, LLC

Chemical Process Corp licensed VisionMonitor’s Compliance Intelligence suite of products to use as a web-based environmental Compliance Manager and reporting system for it’s hydrogen, air separation, and chemical production facilities. Through real-time integration of its facilities’ environmental data collection systems, VisionMonitor's Compliance Intelligence system automated Chemical Process Corp's environmental compliance tracking activities, performs historical emissions data monitoring per regulatory requirements, and accurately forecasts emissions based on actual and forecasted operating parameters.

Through a user personalizable portal style presentation, the plant and EH&S staff are able to view their facilities' emissions and compliance information. Since the system is web-based, clients always have access to the latest version of the software system.

The Compliance Intelligence system will be used to meet the new Texas NOx State Implementation Plan requirements, plus Title V and related compliance activities. Chemical Process Corp EH&S staff acknowledges that Compliance Intelligence has the ability to grow with their needs, help them stay current with regulations, easily integrate with their existing systems without additional infrastructure investments, and allows them to view all of their integrated plants environmental compliance information from one location.

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