Chemical Regulation: Preparing to address the challenges ahead

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The environment has enjoyed unprecedented attention as a presidential campaign issue. While climate change, energy, and resource issues dominate, chemical regulation reform is plainly a topic gathering steam. As we approach a new year, a new Administration, and a new Congress, there is much to consider. Issues pertinent to chemical management are complicated, the rhetoric is strident, and areas on which stakeholders agree appear to be few and far between. This Article offers a few thoughts on how best to prepare for effective chemical regulation reform.

Debate over the Toxic Substances Control Act’s (TSCA’s) strengths and weaknesses is as old as the law itself.2 What is new is the radically different playing field on which this debate will play out over the next congressional sessions. Several events have changed fundamentally the playing field and are both fueling the momentum that will result in TSCA reform and influencing the content of the change itself.

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