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Chemical Wastewater Case Study


Sembcorp Qidong Water Company is the BOT project in China, provide a complete set of sewage treatment solutions and value-added services for oil, chemical and pharmaceutical companies in the industrial park. Advanced sewage treatment technology and equipment be adopted in this project, after it be completed. Urban water environment had been greatly improved and it also protect the local river water quality and ecological balance. Design capacity is 10,000,m3/d .the influent and effluent parameters of biological treatment as below :

Chemical Wastewater Case Study


Fill the BioCell media into the aerobic tank , this tank is one part of the current A20 process, and combine with the existing activity sludge process, form IFAS. This process could improve the treatment capacity and effluent quality of the system without increasing the capacity of the biological treatment tank and the load of the secondary sedimentation tank.

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