Chemicals regulation in the Middle East - an overview


Courtesy of Verisk 3E

Identifying, tracking, maintaining and complying with international chemical regulations has never been more important – or more complex. Tamar Szeps-Znaider of 3E Company provides an overview of developments in the Middle East.

Companies of all sizes increasingly face challenges that result from globalisation in the marketplace and an increase in international initiatives to protect the health and safety of employees and users of chemicals and hazardous materials, as well as the environment. The regulations, initiatives and directives devised and enforced by regulatory and governing bodies throughout the world are individually published in a variety of formats and locations. This information is scattered amongst hundreds of websites, reference guides and other publications and is not easily shared among various personnel within a company who need to reference it. This article aims to provide, a brief, high-level country overview of the chemical control regulations of Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Pakistan. Information on the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) has been included to shed light on regulatory developments in the Gulf region of the Middle East.

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