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Chemometrics in the assessment of local and trans-boundary air pollution

This paper provides the results and assessment of local and transboundary pollution in the Pozna metropolitan area and at the Wielkopolski National Park, Poland. Precipitation that occurred simultaneously in both locations was collected and the analyses such as H+, F, Cl, NO3, SO42−, Na+, K+, Mg2+, Ca2+ and NH4+ and conductivity were determined. The results were subjected to full statistical evaluation and chemometrical analysis: Time Series (TS), Correlation Analysis, Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and Analysis of Variance (ANOVA). TS analysis allowed the observation of noncorresponding peaks on TS graphs and the occurrence of local pollution effects. Correlation analysis and PCA indicated a strong correlation between the concentrations of analytes determined in samples collected at both sites, especially those that originate from anthropogenic sources. This indicates that pollutants emitted in the metropolitan area or from remote sources might significantly influence the nearby area. ANOVA, supported with the prevailing wind direction analysis, showed a minor influence of the cross-border transport of pollutants.

Keywords: chemometrics, precipitation, trans-boundary pollution, Poland, Wielkopolski National Park, air pollution, air quality, environmental pollution, environment, health, metropolitan areas, ecologically protected areas

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