Chesapeake Bay Expert analysis and litigation support - case study


Courtesy of AlterEcho

Chesapeake Bay, Maryland

The Summary

  • Our experts review reports, analyze state and federal hazardous waste regulations, and provide consulting services and opinions during the course of litigation connected to the cleanup of a former steel mill on Chesapeake Bay.

The Client

  • A regional, private-sector non-profit organization

The Rundown

  • Provided a detailed analysis to determine whether the facility is operating landfills and surface impoundment(s) on-site which comply with federal and state hazardous wasted and erosion and sediment control laws.
  • Evaluated waste streams from the steelmaking and metal finishing areas to determine whether they are subject to Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) or the Maryland Controlled Hazardous Substances Act.
  • Reviewed existing landfill closure plans to determine whether the closure plans comply with applicable laws and are adequately designed to reduce and monitor further environmental contamination.

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