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Chevron Enhances Safety Culture with Enterprise-Wide Incident Analysis and Reporting System


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Chevron, one of the world’s largest integrated energy companies, is renowned for its leadership in protecting people and the environment. Its proven commitment to “getting results the right way” – The Chevron Way – is enabled through an Operational Excellence Management System that is utilized at every level of the organization. Operational Excellence (OE) at Chevron entails a culture of safety and environmental stewardship that strives to achieve world-class performance by operating responsibly and applying innovative technologies to track and measure performance.

In 2012, Chevron’s performance in Days Away from Work injury rates (DAFWR) and Total Recordable Incident rates (TRIR) were among the best of its peers. Between 2004 and 2012, the company’s DAFWR declined by 78 percent and TRIR rate dropped 53 percent.

“In 2008, the upstream side of our business set out to find software that could help with a management of change process and the downstream business began looking for a system to support incident management and behaviorbased safety programs. Both sides looked at the leading systems on the market and chose IHS IMPACT ERM,” said Bob Bollinger, HES Global Business Information Systems Manager for Chevron. “The needs of both groups were different so we implemented two instances of the IHS system. We knew that one solution would give us the chance to use incident data across the enterprise with a common language and standard work processes.”

By 2011, IHS IMPACT was implemented throughout Chevron. Nearly 6,000 employees and contractors in the upstream business and all of the downstream business’ 20,000 plus workers now use the system to log and track any incident that occurs at their facilities.

“We are on a journey,” said Wilfred Beijers, IMPACT Team Lead at Chevron. “It began with compliance, of course. We had to assure compliance with regulations and standards. Beyond that, however, our goal is to be a learning organization. IMPACT is a critical enabler for us to learn from our incidents and near misses. We use it as the primary data source, feeding into a data warehouse that we call DART, the Data Analysis and Reporting Tool. DART mines topquality incident data and workflows from IHS to provide corporate-level trend analysis and reporting. Together, IMPACT and DART are providing us with the HES business intelligence that we need to not only provide high-level summary views, but also look deeper into the data so we can draw conclusions and take action.”

The Challenge

  • Enhance corporate HES performance analysis and reporting
  • Strengthen incident management workflow
  • Enable incident response and prevention with data-supported analytics

The Solution

  • IHS Operational Risk Solution with IHS IMPACT ERM

The Results

  • Established enterprise-wide system with 26,000+ users to improve incident analysis/reporting workflow
  • Enhanced HES business intelligence across the enterprise
  • Provided HES KPIs for quarterly and annual corporate sustainability reporting based on GRI, API/IPIECA guidance
  • Continually standardizing and driving efficiency – e.g. archiving 12 systems for Management of Change (MOC)

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