Child care center hazards result in New Jersey emergency legislation


Courtesy of Atlantic Environmental, Inc.

Exposure of children and staff in a Child Care/Day Care Center in New Jersey prompted Governor Corzine to introduce emergency legislation for Environmental Hazards. These environmental hazards include air emissions from nearby businesses as nail salons, dry cleaners, industrial facilities, chemical plants, and even trucking facilities. Further, contaminated drinking water and contaminated soil in playgrounds also prompted the NJ Governor to take this immediate action.

Atlantic Environmental has the ability to conduct the initial environmental assessment of air, the building, playgrounds and surrounding facilities to identify “areas of concern”, as required by the Emergency Legislation.

As a next step, we can test for each “area of concern” including airborne chemicals, asbestos, lead, radon, drinking water, mold, and contaminated soils. Next, we can assist in clean-up/decontamination or identify reputable contractors to perform these services.

Finally, we can oversee the work of others and perform final testing to insure the work was completed and children, staff, and visitors are safe.

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