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Chiller & cooling tower water treatment - case study


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There are three main challenges for treating cooling water in both open and closed loops: scale, corrosion and biogrowth.

Water System Challenges

The traditional chemical treatment calls for chemicals to deal with these challenges. When scale is present, the condenser’s ability to transfer heat is reduced, causing higher pressure and higher temperatures hence more energy. Microbial growth induced corrosion which weakens components, reduces heat transfer efficiency and causes leaks, as well as reduces life expectancy of the equipment.


The ScaleBuster® technology enables the operator to reduce chemicals while maintaining the system free of scale buildup, corrosion as well as biological growth for maximum efficiency while saving energy and reducing downtime.


There are thousands of ScaleBuster® conditioners installed in cooling system applications (HVAC and Process). Some are combined with filtration to physically removes the precipitated hardness. Among these, over 90% are found in open loops (some can be found in EnviroTowerTM systems) and a minor percentage in closed loops (to eliminate chemicals and allow cooling water to simply be drained).

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