China: Carp yields double with aeration


Courtesy of Aeration Industries International (AII)

In the mid-1980’s, the People’s Republic of China looked at semi-intensive cultivation to produce higher yields to provide a protein staple for its people and as an export product. Two government farms in Yunnan Province raising freshwater grass carp Ctenopharyngodon Idellus experimented with aeration. Production yields doubled from 200 kg per 0.06 ha to 500 kg at one farm with AIRE-O2® aerators.

'The splasher type aerators are very heavy and not as energy or oxygen efficient as the AIRE-O2® aerator,' reported staff. He added, 'the most unique feature is that it can transfer oxygen to water rapidly and circulate it completely. This increases oxygen in the water and eliminates the unbalanced situation of dissolved oxygen distribution.'

'The splasher aerators are heavy and not as energy or oxygen eficient as the AIRE-O2® aerators,' reported staff.

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