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China Clay Processed Through the Cryogen-Free Superconducting Powerflux


Following the launch of a new generation of industrial cryogen free Superconducting magnets by Eriez Magnetics Europe Ltd, extensive test work has been conducted on a range of kaolin clays at the Eriez laboratory in the UK. After proving the separation capabilities, European kaolin producers, including WBB Minerals, have subsequently purchased and installed Eriez POWERFLUX Superconducting Magnets. This paper focuses on the foresight and vision of Eriez in developing the POWERFLUX and how customers have applied the technology. In the case of WBB Minerals, applying the technology has opened up new market opportunities for the sale of the kaolin and extended the life of existing pits.

This paper can be divided into two sections. The first part details the development of the POWERFLUX cryogen free Superconducting Magnet by Eriez Magnetics. The application of this new technology in an industrial environment, focusing specifically on WBB Minerals, is explained in the second section. Throughout the project, the two companies worked together very closely to achieve the ultimate objective of installing a Superconducting Magnet that met all separation and process targets. From the initial testwork at Eriez through to the final processing commissioning on site at Cornwood. The success is down to the ideas, commitment and professionalism of all involved engineers and managers from both companies.

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