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China construction machinery industry in 2013 in macroeconomic stabilization and recovery


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Derived by analysis of the construction machinery industry in 2012, twenty-five per cent of loss-making enterprises, this is not the news of construction machinery. Accompanied by the process of urbanization in China to further promote the infrastructure construction in China will be further developed, water conservancy construction, railway infrastructure, protection of housing projects are also carried out, directly contributing to the construction machinery industry market domestic demand in the short term. However, the infrastructure for the construction machinery market pull there is a lag the overcapacity will reverse the decadence of one of the major difficulties affecting the industry.

China construction machinery industry in 2013 in   macroeconomic stabilization and recovery in China's infrastructure investment in the context of large-scale operation of construction, the road roller industry from the weak to the recovery just around the corner, but there are still many problems to be out of the woods.

Construction machinery interview mentioned: Cai Wei-Tze, executive vice president of the China Machinery Industry Federation, said that 'the machinery industry sales growth halved last year, mainly due to weak demand.' Collective decline in infrastructure capital increase in 2012, the global economy continued to decline. In this context, the construction machinery into the winter. Forum in the construction machinery, excavators Forum loader Forum crane forum can see different information, such: concrete machinery annual sales volume does not appear to have declined substantially. Throughout 2012 excavator sales fell 35%, fell 29.7%, loaders, cranes fell 35%, bulldozers decline of 22%.

The 2012 mechanical product of weak market demand, the products of major products, although most varieties yield to maintain growth, but production growth over the previous year decrease. 120 kinds of major machinery products included in the statistics of news, there are 43 kinds of products decline, accounting for 35.83%, one-third of the decline in recent years are rare.

The 2012 economic efficiency of mechanical industrial growth fell sharply, and the drop rate is much higher than the production and marketing. January to December, accumulated a total profit of 1.23 trillion yuan, an increase of only 5.18%, higher than the same period last year, down 15.96 percent; 11.25% of the loss-making enterprises, an increase of 2.78 percentage points over the same period last year; losses of loss-making enterprises in the rose sharply on the basis of last year and an increase of 63.24%.

Comfort to the folk lifts industry, the beginning of the fourth quarter of 2012, excavators, cranes, has significantly improved the bulldozer sales year-on-year data, the industry started to recover. Cai Wei-Tze said recently in an interview with reporters, this year, there are two positive factors are very favorable for the development of the industry. First, the macroeconomic situation began to moderate warmer, expected growth in the domestic consumer market this year is expected to remain stable, investment growth has been restored. Thus the domestic market is also expected to show a mild warming trend.

2013 people in the industry believe that the pull of the favorable conditions in the real estate and infrastructure Electric Reach Truck market rebound, there are some experts believe that the infrastructure of the market pulling effect with a lag. Cai Weici that these adverse factors including:

Construction machinery enterprises receivables has always been high, not only a significant impact on the survival of the related enterprises, and also bring many unpredictable potential risk to the development of the industry.
2.Overcapacity is a malignant tumor of the construction machinery industry.
3. Export growth difficult.
4.Costs, expenses increased to evolve into long-term pressure.
5. Lack of core technology innovation capability.

Heavy machinery and equipment manufacturing industry in 2013 will be significant pressure on the development of the form is still grim. On the basis of the analysis of the data on the construction machinery industry, and how to see the market try to figure out from the weak to the path of recovery needed careful Insiders, for the medical machine industry to speed up transformation and upgrading, support for independent innovation should be the development of domestic enterprises Despite the difficulties, however, firmly believe that there is a rainbow after the storm.

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