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Crate Mould Material:
As the most famous crate mould maker china, we choose various high standard steel such as Din1.2344, S136 for making high standard requirement crate moulds. Moulds can last for 6-10years continous running. 

Crate Mould Hot runner system:
We choose various international brand for crate mould hot runner system, such as YODU, Husky, Noke, MOLDMASTER and so on. Hot runner system for multi-cavity crate moulds are very important piont, it balance the mould and prolong the mould life. Also, as crate mould maker china professional supplier, we design hot runner system with special entrance size and filter systm very suitable for recycle material.

Crate Mould design:

We are the unique company offer customers whom crate mould maker china with very complex design to achieve very efficient mould interchangeable system for crate mould. So with our crate mould, you can produce with max. to 8 versions of plastic crate. 

There are possibility to run crate mould maker china with different height, different size, different design of holes of the plastic crate product.


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