China: incoming regulatory updates


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What is it?

The GB 30000/2013, divided into 28 sections, updates the system of classification of chemicals in accordance with the fourth edition of GHS. It also results in the adoption of new classes and categories that were not previously included. The GB/T 17519/2013 provides new non-binding guidelines for the compilation of the Safety Data Sheet, in accordance with Chinese GHS.

What’s new?

The changes introduced by this regulation are the adoption of the new elements of classification required by the fourth edition of GHS, such as the update of the classification of aerosols; moreover the new regulation prescribes the addition of new danger classes, previously not included in the Chinese standard, such as the aspiration hazard. The updates on the Safety Data Sheet relate some clarifications about the structure of the Safety Data Sheet, in particular sections 2 and 9.

The GB 30000 will enter into force definitively from November 2014.

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