China's biggest auto oatmeal chocolate equipment

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Full Automatic Oats ChocolateProduction and Packing Line 24 Ton/dayWholeSolution

Working Principle:

      It’s used for candy, medical and otherproducts, use very extensive. This machine use the high speed relative movementbetween activities fluted discs and fixed fluted discs,which makes the materials to be crushed by the fluted discs impacting, rubbingand shocking with each other and so on combined action. The machine hascharacteristics of simple but robust structure and smooth running which ensurethe good effect of crushing. The crushed material will be directly dischargedby the host grinding chamber. Particle sizes are obtained by changing differentpore sizes of the mesh screen.


        All through the casing wall is machinedto achieve smooth surface, thus changing the phenomenon of normal rough wallmachine easy sticking the powder. It can do less waste and less pollution. Themachine makes food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other production more in linewith national standards and GMP requirements.


      chocolate machine is used for candy, medicaland chemical industry material crushing. It is also used for many kinds ofblock materials, low oil content of grain and other hard, brittle materials. Itis prohibited smash inflammable and explosive objects.

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