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China's regional carbon emission intensity decomposition system

Based on the Divisia decomposition method, this study developed the China Regional Carbon Emission Intensity Decomposition System (CREID). CREID intends to provide a uniform platform to analyse the trends of China's regional carbon emission intensity and their underlying reasons. The uneven regional development and large amount of data to process in China are considered in CREID. Corresponding software was developed using a scenario–oriented mode and an object–oriented development process. With this system, the carbon intensity of every province can be decomposed into emission, intensity and structure effects. A sensitivity analysis for these three effects can also be performed. An application of this system shows that it helps to reveal the problems existing in the energy structure, energy efficiency and economic structure of different regions, then the decision supports for developing low–carbon strategies can be provided.

Keywords: Divisia decomposition, carbon emission intensity, management information systems, MIS, regional carbon emissions, China, regional development, regional energy structure, regional energy efficiency, regional economic structure, low–carbon economy

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