Chinese delegation from the Shanxi Province visits NILU

NILU is responsible for the development of a Master Plan against Air Pollution in the Shanxi Province in China. Related to this project a delegation of Chinese experts headed by the Director of the Shanxi Environmental Protection Board (EPB) visited NILU on 1-2 September 2003.
NILU is responsible for the Master Plan project, which includes project co-ordination, planning, the development of Air Quality Management Systems (AQMS), emissions inventory guidance and quality control, air pollution modelling, guidance on monitoring and data quality control, training and institutional building.
Chinese delegation from the Shanxi Province visits NILU

The main objectives of the project is to

  1. Establish an Air Quality Management system for the province of Shanxi, including the computer software,
  2. Develop an Air Pollution Master Plan for the Province and
  3. Evaluate and plan the improvement of the AQ monitoring system of the Province.

The project involves establishment and installation of the NILU-developed AirQUIS AQ management software system at 4 locations in the province. These locations are:

  • The Shanxi EPB,
  • Taiyuan EPB,
  • Datong EPB and
  • Yangquan EPB.
Chinese delegation from the Shanxi Province visits NILU

Emissions data and a complete emission inventory is being developed for the whole province, and entered into the AirQUIS system. The system is developed to function as a tool for the cities as well as for the province as a whole. The Master Plan is to be based upon an analysis of relevant and future control and abatement possibilities, and upon comparison of their costs with reduced air pollution and an evaluation of the associated reduction in damage.

The establishment and training in the AirQUIS system has been successfully carried out according to plan, the emissions inventory has been carried out and entered into AirQUIS, and calculations of present and future air pollution concentrations are being carried out.

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