Chinese GHS


Courtesy of Selerant srl

With the suite Selerant it is possible to manage the different implementations of the GHS around the world. 

In particular this newsletter describes the Chinese GHS.

Common doubts about the Chinese GHS

The most common doubt about the Chinese GHS is whether it is sufficient to translate the European regulatory requirements in Chinese language or if the new Chinese regulation requires a specific knowledge. The answer is that you can’t just translate the European documents but it is necessary to prepare specific documents, which must be compliant with Chinese regulations. The classification of chemicals according to the Chinese GHS is regulated by GB 13690/2009 and related regulations, the Chinese safety data sheet is described in GB/T 16483/2008 and the labeling format is indicated in GB 15258/2009.


Once you have installed the license for Chinese GHS, a new choice will be activated in the country authority bar: China GHS, which will allow you to perform the danger calculation according to the Chinese GHS.

Chinese GHS SDS

Moreover in the menu for choosing the Safety Data Sheet model, the new model for Chinese GHS according to GB/T 16483/2008 will be automatically activated.

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