Chinese Nonferrous Metal Manufacturer Case Study

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Chinese Nonferrous Metal Manufacturing Waste Water Treatment

Great Results of Nonferrous Metals
Manufacturer Jar Test

Jar testing result of China Daye Nonferrous Metals Company, Hubei, China

碱性溶液(pH=9)raw water (pH 9)

    Cu(mg/l) As(mg/l)
原液 Untreated 0.0043 微 (little)
处理后液 Treated 0.0026 微 (little)


    Cu(mg/l) As(mg/l) Bi(mg/l)
原液 Untreated   1.68 0.46 0.016
D试剂处理后液 Treated with D      0.68 0.0064 微 (little)
1105试剂处理后液 Treated with 1105   0.24 0.0038 微 (little)

二、酸性溶液(pH=4)acid water (pH 4)

Daye Nonferrous Metal Company is one of the biggest manufacturers of nonferrous metal in China; it was founded in 1953 owned by the PRC government. It is located in Huangshi City, Hubei province, China. The company is primarily for smelting & refining of copper, gold etc.

This water jar tested is the wastewater from their gold refinery plant; it generates 1,000 tons wastewater per day. The client wants us to start with the gold recovery first then move to their copper refinery plant afterwards, which currently processes 5,000 to 10,000 tons of wastewater per day.

The results show compliance with arsenic, which they cannot do with their conventional PAC/PAM chemistries.

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