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Chlor-Alkali Process Pipe - Case Study


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Client: Major chlor-alkali plant in the Middle East

General Scope: Fibrex manufactured over 12,000 ft. of chlorine process piping in diameters ranging from 1” to 32” diameter.

Engineering/Procurement: FLUOR DANIEL, INC. – Sugar Land, Texas

Resin & Laminate Construction:

  • Hetron 197 resin
  • 0.500” (12.7mm) corrosion barrier
  • Installed Fibrex’s proprietary ‘Integra-Nozzle’™ instead of standard tee joint construction.

Production Facts:

  • Assembled over 750 spool pieces.
  • Manufactured over 12,000 lf of hand lay-up pipe.
  • Manufactured over 2500 FRP fittings and components.

Special Project Notes: The client’s engineer, Fluor Daniel, issued a Bill of Materials of component parts and a release for immediate manufacture with the purchase order, which made it possible to build a component inventory in advance of the drawings.

Fibrex’s QC Traveler System tracked all component parts made for inventory. This allowed Fibrex to schedule manufacturing and assembly capacity to ‘mirror’ Fluor Daniel’s projected drawing release schedule. Approximately one-third of the pipe was manufactured prior to issuance of drawings. This procedure greatly enhanced the production timeline for the project. Toward the end of the project, Fibrex increased assembly production from 25 to 40 spools per week.

Fibrex’s Production and QC departments developed an ‘early warning system’ which assured that no spools were placed into assembly without all components being completed.

Also, Fibrex developed a unique and efficient container loading system to accommodate transoceanic shipping. To meet the special requirements of the client, a number of the pipe spools were specially crated for air shipment on ‘The Antonov’, one of twelve jumbo Russian transport planes.

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