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Choosing a High Pressure Washer for Industrial Applications

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High pressure washer machines are used for a range of industrial applications. The best high pressure washers are used for cleaning machinery, equipment, and vehicles, as well as removing grease, chemicals, and dirt from factory floors and other surfaces. A high pressure washer, with its powerful spray of water, dislodges and washes away dirt from all kinds of hard surfaces.

When you are purchasing a high pressure washer, you need to ensure that the dealer is reputable and the machine is high quality. Good dealers offer at least a 12 month warranty on the product.

Depending on the type of industrial application, you can select a machine based on a range of specifications.

Power Method
An electric pressure washer, commonly used because of its versatility and easy access to an energy supply, is not the only type of pressure washing system. You can also use diesel, propane, or gas pressure washers for cleaning outdoor areas. An electric pressure washer generates no smoke and little noise, making them the best option for indoor use. As long as electricity supply is not an issue, these machines may be used outdoors, as well.

Gas pressure washers are used in the absence of electricity. While the engine can produce harmful fumes when used indoors without ventilation, machines with hoses as long as 300 feet can be used, keeping the machine outside while work is done indoors.

Pressure Level
If you are looking for a powerful industrial machine for cleaning walls, tile, floors, driveways, and similar surfaces, use a machine with pressure levels of 2000-3000 psi. These machines combine the power of heat with the robust cleaning abilities of high pressure water spray.

Be careful when cleaning machinery and equipment. Some surfaces and delicate components cannot withstand very high pressure levels. If you are unsure, start spraying from a distance and slowly close the gap, mindful of scratches and abrasion on the surface. For cleaning more fragile surfaces, you may purchase machines with pressure levels as low as 700 psi.

Steam pressure washers achieve much higher temperature levels than hot water pressure washer machines. Some top-of-the-line steam pressure washers may attain temperatures as high as 330°F. These machines are used for efficiently cleaning heavy layers of grease, sugars, and other chemicals found on factory floors, manufacturing and processing plants, gas stations, and similar locations.

Fixed location cleaning tasks such as cleaning a large factory floor does not require machine portability. Stationary pressure washers can be installed in a particular area. These machines may have a multi-use feature that allows more than one operator to use the machine at the same time.

If you want a portable machine for easier cleaning, choose a wheeled unit. They offer limited mobility and are useful for cleaning a single, large building. If you need a machine that can be carried to different locations, buy a trailer mountable pressure washer.

Additional Applications
High pressure washer machines may be used for removing rust from machines. These pressure washers can be equipped with wet sandblasting technology. Sand mixed with water is sprayed from the nozzle. The abrasive action of the spray removes rust and corrosion from machine parts, equipment, and metallic surfaces. Make sure to set the temperature to “cold” mode when using wet sandblasting feature.

There are many choices available to buyers today. You can find a machine that suits all your cleaning requirements as well as your budget from top online suppliers.

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