Choosing the Right Equipment for Gum Removal


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The walls, floors and carpets in high traffic areas such as malls, schools, parking lots, and restaurants that are maintained on a daily basis, may still feature wads of chewing gum. In fact, most people carelessly discard chewing gum without giving a thought to the effort that another person has to take to remove them. Fortunately, gum removal is no longer the tough job that it used to be.

You can now choose from a staggering array of high-performance gum removal machines. By effectively combining hot steam, high pressure levels and gum cleaning solutions, such gum eliminating equipment helps clean off gum wads and its blotches from almost all surfaces. To simplify gum removal applications, these steam cleaning machines come with stainless steel brushes, gum cleaning tools and cleaning solutions formulated to soften gum wads.

Purchasing Top-Grade Versions
An online search for gum cleaning machines will instantly lead you to an extensive range of equipment available from different suppliers. But if quality is your first priority, you must definitely check out the gum removal products offered by reputable distributors. Only leading brands offer powerful steam pressure cleaners with proven gum elimination capabilities.

By ejecting super-hot steam at high pressure levels, these gum cleaner systems quickly dissolve and wash away even those wads of gum that have been stuck to walls for years. Pressure levels of 125 psi and temperatures as high as 369ºF combine to eliminate traces and stains of gum from different surfaces. Another notable aspect that makes these steam cleaners the preferred choice of chewing gum removal business professionals, is the vacuum extraction technology. This feature enhances the gum cleaning results and increases the productivity as well.

The numerous attachments available with commercial steam cleaners greatly help simplify the chewing gum removing process. For instance, the stainless steel brush is an important attachment that helps agitate and remove stubborn blotches, stains and residues of gum in a way that traditional brushes cannot do.

Cleaning Gum the Green Way
The best commercial steam cleaners from leading distributors now feature a powerful gum softening solution that helps dissolve tough gum residues in no time. When used in combination with chewing gum removal equipment, these chemicals enhance the cleaning action and offer superior results.

Professionals engaged in the chewing gum business often use cleaning chemicals for removing gum. The chemical can be either directly applied on the gum wad or added to the detergent tank of steam cleaning systems. After spraying the chemical-enriched steam on the gum deposits, use the stainless steel brush to agitate the softened deposits. Now the vacuum extraction function will take over and extract the gum residue and moisture.

To check out the latest gum removal machines with the most advanced gum cleaning capabilities, it is best to take a look at the online stores of reputable distributors. These online resources showcase the most extensive range of steam pressure cleaners along with product description, images and videos.


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