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Choosing the Right Pumped Gas Detector

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Before you purchase or rent a pumped gas detector, make sure you’re getting the right one. The best detectors for industrial applications should have the following parts:

  • Probe: A stainless-steel probe or a high-temperature stable probe is necessary when using the detector in a cramped space.
  • Tubing: Tubing is essential for vertical, thin cavities. Urethane tubing is common, but Teflon-lined tubing is preferred when testing for volatile organic compounds (VOCs), chlorine dioxide, chlorine, and hydrochloride.
  • Dust filter: A filter is a must-have to keep dust and other debris from damaging the sensor.
  • Water stop: A water stop is another mandatory accessory that’s used to prevent water getting into the pump if liquid comes into contact with the tubing.

Choosing the Right Pumped Gas Detector

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