Chopper Pumps: Chopping and pumping of paper rejects at paper mill


Courtesy of Landia a/s

Do we need a pulper to handle paper rejects? No not necessarily! In many cases the rejects can be repulped by means of a Landia chopper pump.

At present we have 11 Landia Stainless Steel Chopper Pumps, model MPTKR-I 105 15.0 kW in operation at a Danish paper factory. All pumps are equipped with the unique Landia knife system.

Rejects from the paper machine are efficiently comminuted by the pump’s knife system and are recirculated until the desired consistency is obtained. Then the pulp is pumped back into the pulp tank right before the paper machine. Thus, traditionally applied methods, such as pumping the pulp back to the first pulp tank, are eliminated and energy is saved.

Previously, a 75 kW pulper was applied for this purpose. By applying our solution it has been possible to reduce this to 15 kW. In addition, the maintenance costs are reduced significantly.

Some of the advantages of applying Landia MPTK-I and MPTKR-I Chopper Pumps:

  • Extremely efficient knife system ensuring the best communition possible, as well as an unproblematic pumping of liquids with a high dry matter content or impurities
  • Compact design. Only little space required for incorporation
  • Low noise level due to the lack of coupling
  • Low maintenance costs due to the simple and compact design
  • Chopping and pumping with the same unit

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