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Chopper Pumps: Digester Mixing at Esbjerg WWTP, Denmark


Courtesy of Landia a/s

Experience with Landia Chop-per pump type MPTK-I obtained at the Esbjerg Eastern Treatment Plant

Till now two centrifugal pumps of a different brand have been operating at the plant, in order to re-circulate the sludge in the two digesters. This has been well-functioning.

After a period of much rainfall, part of the inlet wastewater was led past the grid system. The result was problems with impurities, such as long shreds, in the digesters. Some of the shreds were between 0.5 and 1 m long!


Now problems with the two centrifugal pumps turned up: the inlet was blocked by the large number of shreds. This meant that approx. once a day one of the pumps had to be dismantled and cleaned!

Landia was contacted for a possible solution to the problem.

During a visit to the plant we found out that a Landia Chopper pump type MPTK-I 105 could be adjusted to the existing piping without major changes.


We chose an MPTK-I 105 11.0 kW with extended knife system.

This relatively heavy pump was sized due to the large impurities in the medium. The knife system requires quite some power to chop shreds of this size and quantity.

The pump was installed by Landia and the direct result was that the pump handled the job satisfactorily.


After several months of operation it has turned out that the pump has handled the job completely, meaning that the pump has not been blocked at all!

Acc. to operations manager Hans Jørgen Rhod the purchase of the MPTKI pump from Landia has been one of the absolutely best investments at the plant.

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