Christian Hansen uses powerful ‘Generics’ function to streamline SDS authoring - Case study


Courtesy of UL - The WERCS

As the undisputed market leader in the cultures and enzymes industry, Danish-based Christian Hansen operates in more than 30 countries around the world. Annual sales exceed $400 million. The company offers thousands of innovative ingredient solutions that enhance key properties of food and health preparations. The demand for the company’s biotech ingredient additives is on the rise—as is their need for consistent documentation.

The Challenge
Christian Hansen’s unique ingredient solutions are applied differently from one industry to the next. Depending on how the product is used, regulatory implications and other properties can vary. These differences must be accurately reflected on the SDS—a mission critical document the company is obligated to provide each of its customers. Managing several versions of the same document for one ingredient can be a highly time-consuming, error-prone and manual procedure.

The Solution
To make the process more efficient and automated, Christian Hansen required the capability to change shared product data—such as formula or color—to multiple products in one step. Christian Hansen took a deep look at UL The Wercs functionality and made the decision to abandon its SAP-powered hazard communication authoring functionality.

UL The Wercs vastly enhanced Christian Hansen’s SDS document authoring process and maximized efficiency in its workflow. The Generics function is particularly helpful because the company can now perform mass updates to SDS for products that share identical characteristics. This feature ensures that each document is accurate and—most importantly—appropriate for the targeted industry to which it is segmented.

With the fully automated and easy-to-use Generics feature, Christian Hansen simultaneously makes changes to multiple documents, resulting in a quick, sensible workflow. The company can now manage and update multiple SDS in one step, saving considerable time and money.

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