Chromatography in Sugar Processing

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Chromatography is a new process to most sugar technologists, yet it is fast becoming a tool of significance for recovering sucrose and other value by-products.

The CSEP® chromatographic separator, one of the most modern SMB industrial concepts, is uniquely flexible and adaptable to all the challenges in the growing use of chromatography for production scale separations. The technology has already penetrated the food & sweetener industries on a commercial basis.

The CSEP® and ISEP® concepts comprise a mechanical and process methodology to efficiently bring into contact liquids and solids as two counter-current contacting streams. In the areas of adsorption and ion exchange the commercial success of the ISEP has been demonstrated repeatedly over the last ten years.

The paper explains some of the process thinking that goes into the construction of actual CSEP® separation plant configurations and includes references to sugar-related applications.


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