Churchill Downs Louisville, Kentucky - Case Study


Courtesy of Dynamic Air Quality Solutions

Key Parameters

  • Type of Facility - Existing (EB)
  • Function - Sports, Hospitality
  • Area - 404,000 sf, 6-stories
  • Project Completed - 2007

Challenge: IAQ for patron comfort and effective filtration. A primary objective in the six-story expansion was the ability to handle larger crowds at a variety of events; from races to large concerts. A second objective focused on comfort and performance. With club suite owners spending a lot of money on their suites, anything less than perfect comfort was not acceptable, including temperature and humidity control, ventilation and effective air filtration in a smoking environment -- without compromising efficiency or simplicity. Lastly, Churchill Downs wanted an efficient system that was easy to understand and operate.

Solution: Dynamic V-Banks. The system was designed to meet the specific needs of the new facility. For Phase 1, engineers chose a low-temperature, low-flow, variable-primary-flow (VPF) system capable of supplying 38°F water with two 1,000-ton chillers. The system included a water-source heat pump package and a large number of AHUs, some inside and some outside and hidden from view. Many of the AHUs were fitted with Dynamic V-Bank air cleaners for filtration and odor control.